29 06 2011

First off, thanks to Robert Barmore of Portsmouth, NH and Kelly Harlow in Rhode Island for their reports on the Hooksett sewage discs that are haunting Northeast beaches. Robert left a comment on the blog reporting the discs on New Hampshire beaches, as well as on southeastern Massachusetts shores during a visit to the Buzzard’s Bay region. Kelly sent an email:
“A few weeks ago I was walking down South Shore Beach in Little Compton, RI with my Mom and we started noticing these strange disks all over the beach. There must have been thousands of them washing up and tangled up in the seaweed. We were so confused on what could have caused these weird items to float up. Just yesterday my Mom saw that someone on Facebook has posted about them. We were shocked to find out that a plant in New Hampshire had dumped them and they traveled all the way to Rhode Island! Even today going to the beach there were still discs lingering on the beach.”
We’re still interested in hearing from Seanetters and general allies anywhere who find these discs. SEANET will not be surprised if they make it all the way across the pond to Europe. We are also curious to know if the discs manage to wend their way farther south, so Seanetters in New York, New Jersey, and even down in our southern climes, keep your eyes peeled! You never know where these things will show up next!

Mystery bone found by Anne Hess in April in Maine.

Next up, a more organic form of debris on the beach–a mystery bone on the Maine beach of Anne Hess. Thoughts, my dear Seanetters? I will, naturally, bestow mine upon you in the next post.



2 responses

2 07 2011
Doris Briggs

Found 20+ sewage discs yesterday at East Mayunuck Beach in Point Judith Rhode Island

4 07 2011
The Flotsam Diaries

They’ve made it as far north as Saco Bay, Maine. I found one a few days ago at Bay View beach, Saco. I’m assuming it had traveled southeast, got caught in one of the mini-gyres in the deep Gulf of Maine, and got kicked back westward to hit the beach. Hard to picture it traveling north so far against the coastal current!

FYI, I’ve been keeping a Google Map of all public reports of furthest-reach of the disks here: http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&t=h&oe=UTF8&msa=0&msid=206392038188821125470.00049e74c4cd26b058095. If put into a timeline, could produce an interesting look at how, where, & how fast they spread.

Love the blog, glad to have discovered it!

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