Dead Bird Quiz, and those disgusting discs!

1 06 2011

First off, the quiz. Guesses please, and results will be posted on Thursday.

Bird A: Found by Ray Bosse along Buzzard's Bay in Massachusetts this month. Measurements are provided on index card in picture.

Bird B: Found by Barbara Grunden in Maine earlier this month. Wing chord 22.5cm.



And now, more travelogs by the sewage treatment filtration discs released in Hooksett NH back in March. Either the discs swam the Cape Cod canal, or they rounded Provincetown and headed southwest, because Ray Bosse who walks down in Westport, MA along Buzzard’s Bay, found about 100 of the discs on his beach, and Doris Briggs, Seanetter in East Matunuck, RI, also spotted some in her neck of the woods. Our more southern SEANET friends should keep an eye out and expect to see some of the innocuous looking little buggers any time now. After all, plastic is forever, so these things will be around for some time yet.

Disc sightings. Larger icons depict sightings over the last three weeks.




5 responses

1 06 2011
sarah kern

Seriously…those discs are awful! Interesting to see how far they go though.
Is this where I guess the dead birds? Cormorant and Eider…probably wrong, looking at the colors but neglecting the measurements!

2 06 2011

“Plastic is forever” yet we continue to mark carcasses with plastic zip ties? Maybe Seanet should be leading by example…

3 06 2011

In mid May I found several discs on South Sunken Meadow Beach, Eastham (Cape Cod Bay) and yesterday (6/2) I found one in Nauset Marsh in Eastham. That’s on the Atlantic side of the Cape, so yes, they did make it out past Provincetown!

23 09 2014

I found a disc Sunday September 21, 2014 on Mayflower Beach Dennis, MA.

25 09 2014

plastics are forever…

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