Dead Bird Quiz: thoroughly mangled edition

5 05 2011

Bird A: Found by S. Brezinski in Maine last month.

Bird A was reported by Seanetter Stephen Brezinski, who appended a note reading “Our first bird corpse!” As I told him, I can never find a greeting card that expresses the right sentiment on this occasion, and so, I am featuring said corpse on today’s quiz instead. No measurements on this one, but to give you a rough sense of scale, the ruler in the photo is about 6 inches long.

Bird B was found by Dianne Salmonsen who walks in Ipswich, MA. We have a culmen length on this one, but, for obvious reasons, no other measurements. I know you Seanetters will be undaunted, so please, bring on the answers!

Bird B: Found by D. Salmonsen. Culmen 50mm.




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