SEANET on the road to Connecticut

4 05 2011

My sincere thanks to Lorrie Shaw and the Menunkatuck Audubon Society down in the New Haven area of Connecticut for hosting the SEANET dog and pony show last yesterday evening. Your SEANET blogger was most gratified to speak to an extremely enthusiastic, receptive and, by SEANET standards, HUGE, crowd! Several of the folks in attendance may be real, live SEANET recruits, including two high school students with interests in wildlife biology and ornithology. Perfect!

The Menunkatuck folks even fed me cookies, and some cider from the local Bishop’s Orchards. Delicious stuff. And as if the cider and cookies weren’t sufficient reward, they even made a most generous donation to SEANET! Your SEANET blogger had a marvelous time, truly, meeting you folks at the very darling Guilford Free Library. Thank you to all who attended, and hopefully we’ll be posting embarrassing photos of you soon on your SEANET beaches!

To cap off the glory, your blogger also delivered eight monofilament recycling receptacles which will be distributed to various sites throughout the area. All in all, a complete success!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, to all in attendance and to Lorrie and the Menunkatuckites!




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4 05 2011
Lorrie Shaw

It was our pleasure Sarah!!!

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