Marine opportunities to be seized!

28 04 2011

Opportunity 1: Seanetter Stephen Brezinski in Maine sent along notice of the 2011 Maine Beaches Conference. The conference is slated to take place Friday, July 15th on the campus of Southern Maine Community College, and features a diverse, one-day program ranging from issues of stormwater runoff to beach erosion, to invasive species to shoreline property rights debates. The conference sounds very public-minded, and includes some citizen scientist programs (though SEANET will not be represented) and I encourage all blog readers in Maine or nearby states to check it out. I would most certainly attend, if not for the fact that I will be on Appledore Island banding Maine gulls that week.

Opportunity 2: Your SEANET blogger has the inside track on the workings of the Conservation Law Foundation here in New England (her husband, Christophe Courchesne, is a lawyer in their Concord, NH office.) CLF’s Ocean Program is in search of an intern. The position would be Boston based, and the ad is as follows:

“The Ocean program is looking for a media and communications intern to assist with research for the new Talking Fish blog, expanding and organizing a collection of compelling photos, managing social media feeds for Talking Fish, and other tasks as necessary. The job description is online here: If you know someone who might be interested, please encourage them to apply to We are asking for applications by Friday, May 6, 2011.”

Hmmm…maybe the SEANET blogger should pursue this. Internships are always extremely lucrative, after all.



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