Monofilament recycling wants YOU!

1 03 2011

A monofilament recycling bin maintained by Ray Bosee in Westport, MA.

Back in September of 2009, SEANET began offering recycling bins for monofilament fishing line through the Boat US Foundation’s Reel in and Recycle program. Several Seanetters took us on on the offer and installed the bins at popular fishing spots, boat ramps, beach parking lots and the like. Frank Kenny, Seanetter in NJ, maintains a few bins, and he sent an email saying that he had shipped a couple pounds of monofilament line to Boat US, and in exchange had received a $100 gift certificate to West Marine. Turns out, collected discarded line can be financially lucrative.

We also received an annual report from the Director of the Reel in and Recycle program, Susan Shingledecker, saying,

“Your hard work really does add up!  In 2010, through the Reel In and Recycle program you helped recycle nearly 2,700 pounds of fishing line.  Stretched out, this line would stretch from Washington, DC to San Diego, CA.  I want to thank you for helping to make this happen.”

This program is not limited to Seanetters–anyone interested in recycling line can get a bin. We still have a few in a closet here, so if you’d like to help out, send me an email! The bins can be placed on freshwater, saltwater, or anywhere in between; the coast, a riverbank, or an inland lake; anywhere people fish anywhere in the country! You just need to commit to checking on the bin, collecting the line, and separating out any trash that gets tossed in (generally not much due to the design of the bins).

Hope to hear from some more fishing line recyclers out there soon!




3 responses

2 03 2011
Hilke Breder

I remember the sorry sight of a juvenile brown pelican in Florida with a fishing line and sinker hanging out of its beak. How do you secure those bins in the ground so they don’t get carried away? I know a spot where I have frequently collect fishing lines. It would be good to have a bin there.

4 03 2011
Frank Kenny

I just bolt them to an 8′ 2×4 and then dig a hole with a post hole digger where i want them. A couple of the storms we had this winter came close to their position but fortunately did not take them. Besides line, I have also found numerous beverage containers, half eaten lunches and a few dirty diapers. It’s best to let everything drop out the bottom first to see what you have.

7 03 2011
Lorrie Shaw

Are there any more of these bins available? I have seen them down in the Florida Keys…

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