The beauty and majesty of winter: bah.

1 02 2011

First off, please check out the comments below last week’s Dead Bird Quiz answers; not only did John Stanton decline my challenge to a duel, Mary Wright offered a much better explication of the differences between Greater and Lesser Scaups than I could have done. Thank you Mary!

Now, I have a hard time even writing these words, but at this very moment, yet another storm is hunkering down over the Northeast and most people I know up here are becoming mildly or moderately psychotic. I am still trying to cling to the positives, and wish to share with you a couple more photos of beaches up here in SEANET’s northern terrain. The first is a picture of what Seanetters Jerry and Diane Hequembourg faced when they attempted to walk their Cape Cod beach this month. Resembling an Arctic ice field, WB_09 was entirely impassable.

The view from WB_09 in Eastham, MA this month.

Despite the inclement weather, both the beautiful and the grotesque still turn up on the snowbound beaches. Our eider intern, Ashley Gorr, found quite a few interesting carcasses this month. A dolphin, a seal and a bird (whose identity I challenge you to discover) were all in various stages of dismemberment by local gulls (incriminating webbed footprints abound at the crime scene.)

Mystery bird in Wellfleet! What do you think, Seanetters?

Streamers of intestine trail away from a seal carcass. A decorative flourish courtesy of the gulls.

Miscellaneous dolphin