Trans-Atlantic SEANET

3 02 2011

Cory's Shearwaters: just one of many Atlantic seabirds known in both European and American waters.

Julie and I recently received an email from Nuno Barros, who works for the Portuguese Society for the Protection of Birds (SPEA). He wrote,
“SPEA is currently working on 2 marine conservation projects, FAME – Future of the Atlantic Marine Environment – a strategic transnational co-operation project delivered by partners from 5 countries (UK, Ireland, France, Spain and Portugal), and MARPRO – Conservation of marine protected species in Mainland Portugal – a LIFE+ project which has just started.
Both projects aim to increase the current knowledge on the distribution, abundance, and protection of the Portuguese seabirds along the European Atlantic coast, and range from seabird tracking & monitoring to mapping, data analysis and engagement with the offshore renewable energy and fisheries sectors. One of both their goals is to carry out a first national beached-bird survey, and this is how we came across SEANET.
We were planning to do something similar here in Portugal, with the possibility of extending the outcoming programme to other European countries. This volunteer based programme would be a source of additional information to our planned transects along the more extensive sandy areas. The frequency of the surveys, and some other organization aspects would be distinct from yours, but the general idea is the same, so we would like to ask your permission to download your SEANET volunteer datasheet, in order to make some adaptations, and the necessary translations, to fit our goals.

For more information regarding our work, I invite you to visit our website:, and the FAME project website:

We find your work very interesting, and would like to congratulate you on the initiative and good results. We are open to share ideas and discuss future possibilities, regarding our common interests regarding the health of the Atlantic marine environment.

Best regards from Portugal, Nuno Barros”

We are more than happy to support this new Portuguese endeavor, and have offered all our materials to them for their use; SEANET has always benefited immensely from the knowledge and experience of our sister beachwalk organization, COASST, in the Pacific Northwest, and we share more species, circumstances and conditions with our fellows in Europe than we do with our Pacific compatriots in our own country.

We hope that Nuno and co. get their efforts off and running quickly, and hope we can continue to be of assistance and they work through the process of setting up a beachwalk organization there. Hopefully, we will soon be comparing notes on the shared fates of our Atlantic seabirds!




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