Dead Bird Quiz

25 01 2011

When it’s -15 degrees here in New Hampshire, and the woodstove is struggling to push some warmth into my poorly insulated house, I muse upon one of the most positive aspects of winter: it’s a fine season for finding dead birds. And dead birds mean Dead Bird Quizzes. Since Jenette Kerr commented on last week’s post saying she was “almost ready for another quiz,” I have decided to issue one for your winter enjoyment. And here it is–a little from the North, and a little from the South. Answers on Thursday, when apparently I will be snowbound in my house AGAIN. I love New England, I love New England, I love New England…


Bird A: Found by Diana Gaumond on Cape Cod this month.

Bird B: Found by Rick Keup in South Carolina earlier this month.




2 responses

25 01 2011
John Stanton

Qucik guesses:

1. Greater scaup-male
2. Ring-necked duck_female

26 01 2011
Mary Wright

Bird A: Long-tailed Duck, male
Bird B: Greater Scaup, male

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