Maine winter potpourri

20 01 2011

Your SEANET blogger was weeping at her computer today for want of anything to write about, when our own Dr. Julie Ellis calmly turned, slapped the SEANET blogger and told her to stop the hysterics. She then very reasonably suggested that I simply share with you some fine photography provided by Seanetters. We have had quite a few new volunteers in Maine in recent months, so here a few views of Maine in winter, courtesy of some new recruits.

ME_81, on the south end of Old Orchard Beach. Photo by Kathleen Kelly.

ME_86, Curtis Cove Maine (near Acadia National Park). Photo by Laurie Yntema.

On ME_85: the pier on Old Orchard Beach. Photo by Carol Libby.



One response

22 01 2011

Sorry Julie had to get rough with you, Sarah, but the photos of gorgeous and apparently carcass-free Maine shores is a refreshing treat!!

I think I’m almost ready for another dead bird quiz soon….

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