Surprises abound on WB_45

11 01 2011

Far less poetic than a freshwater spring, Mike discovered that the water on his beach was coming from an ugly old pipe.

Seanetter Mike Bjornholm, who walks on Corporation Beach in Dennis, MA found a number of unexpected things on a recent walk. Winter is prime season for shifting beaches, erosion, and changing profiles of the sands, and on Mike’s beach, he discovered that, ” what I thought was a spring on the beach is actually an outflow pipe in front of a large “cottage”.” The less than picturesque pipe is shown here.

The surprises didn’t end there. Mike also found a very exotic species of minute green shark.

Shark--species likely Sharkius greeniminutus.

He also found a number of rectangular plastic objects, mostly black, but one (pictured) yellow. These items appear frequently after rough weather on northern beaches. Perhaps you Seanetters will deem this “quiz” too easy, but these ubiquitous items can stump even the most seasoned beachwalker, so I have deemed it worthwhile to post here on the blog. Guesses as to its identity?

The mystery object.



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