Goings on in Wellfleet, MA

4 01 2011

Just as the tide of dead eiders began to ebb, Seanetter Dick Jordan on Great Island in Massachusetts had new discoveries to make out there. On his December 9th SEANET survey, he encountered a cold-stunned loggerhead sea turtle. ‘Tis the season for sea turtles of various species to beach on Cape Cod, and Seanetters occasionally encounter the animals in dire straits. When Dick found the loggerhead, he called Mass Audubon’s stranding hotline (508-349-2615) and his call was picked up by none other than Ashley Gorr, our eider intern (who moonlights for the stranding team–or is it the other way around?)

Loggerhead sea turtle found by Dick Jordan. Presumably, that is Dick's foot in the classic "socks with sandals" ensemble.

Ashley came out and the two carried the unfortunate reptile off the beach for transport to the New England Aquarium’s Quincy facility, where it is apparently recovering from its bout of hypothermia.

A long-buried metal drum makes its reappearance in the dunes of Cape Cod. (photo by Dick Jordan)

Dick also made a troubling discovery on his route; recent storms and wind had eroded away the side of a dune, exposing a rusted out 55 gallon drum. Dick tapped on its lid, which caved in, exposing sludgy black contents. SEANET reported the find to the National Parks Service, which manages Great Island, and they sent out their rangers to respond, noting that “they, unfortunately, deal with this sort of thing all the time.”

You never know what you’re going to find out there, so, despite the weather, happy walking, Seanetters!




One response

4 01 2011
Dawn Fine

Nice rescue..Always a pleasure reading this blog…sad to see the bird deaths..but great to learn from and about them.

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