Dead Bird Quiz: the last of the year!

28 12 2010

The SEANET blogger is making a genuine plea for your help today. The two birds in today’s quiz have me positively stumped. Please offer your thoughts to save these birds from oblivion in the “Other, Unknown” category of our database! The first bird was found by Diana Gaumond on her beach in Brewster on Cape Cod. I really have no idea what this is.

Bird A, upper wings found by Diana Gaumond on Cape Cod this month. Wing chord: 21cm.

Bird A, underwings.

The second bird, found by Mary Myers, also on Cape Cod (same beach, in fact; Mary and Diana alternate walks there) reportedly had a wing chord of 2cm and a culmen of 0.5cm. Mary included this note with her report: “This specimen (#4 of the day) was found near the [dead] merganser. Very small hole in breast may be cause of mortality. This is the first bird of this kind I’ve ever found on WB_02!! Couldn’t find it in Beached Birds book.” I bet not.

Bird B: Found by Mary Myers on Cape Cod.



2 responses

29 12 2010
Juliet Lamb

Diana (my mom) asked me what I thought about this one, and my guess is a Ring-necked Pheasant. The barring looks about right for a female, and I checked out the wing chord length to be sure– females typically fall in the 210-220mm range, so that matches as well. As for Number 2… I have no idea, but I’m awfully fond of it.

29 12 2010

Have you seen the feather atlas? Their feather scans are awesome. I think Juliet is correct!

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