Our gift to you: the new SEANET website!

23 12 2010

Due to a woeful lack of web savvy on the part of Drs. Courchesne and Ellis here at SEANET, we have been without a formal website for some time. While this blog has proven an excellent forum for updates, news, and communication within the growing SEANET community, we needed something a bit less casual and irreverent, and more, dare I say, professional? And so, this holiday season, we unveil for you the SEANET website!

The blog will continue to be the place to go for the latest and greatest in SEANET topics, but you may notice a few changes. Features like the Volunteer Toolkit will now be on the website, as will some new resources, like state by state listings of wildlife rehabilitation facilities and marine mammal stranding groups.

And please, this Christmas, don’t forget to give to SEANET! Check out the Donate page on our new website to see how. We make no secret of our tenuous finances, and every little bit really does help.

Many thanks to Dave Susco, Tufts IT wizard, who helped us immensely with the site and was incredibly responsive to our many demands and requests.

Please check out our new site and tell us what you think!



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