Dead thing answer, and new Dead Bird Quiz

18 12 2010

Dennis Minsky is right as usual: the mystery creature in the last post is a skate. The specimen is rather mangled, and even if it were not, I would profess no skills at skate identification. I was going to post a photo of one of our Atlantic skate species, the Little Skate, here, but I have not received the permission of the photographer, and the blog must go on! Also, we have recently received some unfriendly mail from photographers who did not want their images used by SEANET. So your blogger is a bit gun shy at the moment. In any case, the photo was to be from the Florida Museum of Natural History’s excellent Ichthyology site, and I refer you to that for information on Atlantic skate species. Seanetters find skates on the beaches not infrequently, so you too may encounter one of these very cool animals. That is, if the gulls don’t devour it first.

Today's Dead Bird Quiz has spawned some contentious debate.

Dennis has also provided additional fodder for today’s post. He found some wings on a recent walk in Provincetown, MA and asked for expert opinions on the i.d. since it didn’t quite seem to fit any of the area’s species. The expert opinions are in, but there is still no truly satisfying answer on this one, so we’d like to get some opinions from the general SEANET community. Offer them as comments, and we will continue the discussion next week.



4 responses

18 12 2010
Diana Gaumond

American Oystercatcher?

20 12 2010
John Stanton


Immature red-breated merganser or if smaller then immature bufflehead.


20 12 2010
John Stanton

I meant to spell red-breasted merganser- sorry!

20 12 2010
Dennis Minsky

I just want to say that I know it is definitely not an alcid; maybe a female merganser but I don’t see the wing bar very clearly

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