Beach oddities north and south

14 12 2010

Sand sculpture featuring the iconic seabird strangled by sixpack ring.

Your SEANET blogger, being a life-long New Englander, is generally untroubled by the cold and wind. That is, until people like the incomparable Ray Bosse abandon our region for balmier climes and send back photos just to torture me. Ray visited the Sarasota, Florida area and sent this photo of a sand sculpture constructed on Anna Maria island for a competition. The subject matter is close to many a Seanetters heart, encouraging beachgoers to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Mysterious sea creature from the deep. What do you think, Seanetters? (photo by L. McCallum)

Back up north, Seanetter Linda McCallum, found a sea creature on her Massachusetts beach. She sent it along, and I, in turn, present it to you Seanetters as a variation on the Dead Bird Quiz theme. Any thoughts on its identity?



2 responses

16 12 2010
Dennis Minsky

It is a skate.

16 12 2010
Dennis Minsky

It’s a skate.

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