A brief foray into the land of the living

11 11 2010

From time to time, our intrepid Seanetters look up from the carcass-littered beaches and observe a living bird, or some other item of interest. Occasionally, Seanetters even go on vacation. In recent days, I have gotten emails from three Seanetters who sent along interesting or unusual sights, and we also received a very bizarre photo on which we’d like your thoughts. Here is our photo gallery of varied curiosities.

Seanetter John Galluzzo stealthily crept up on this napping Snow Bunting on his beach in Scituate, MA. Less attractively, a plastic bottle was roosting next to it.

Marcie Lindsay encountered this elaborate construction on Fort Getty Beach in Rhode Island. The work of aliens? Most definitely.

Martin Vanoy photographed this Western Gull at Bodega Bay, California. He was visiting family on a welcome respite from the miserable climate in Florida where he normally walks for us.

Finally, the photo on which we’d like to solicit your thoughts. Bruce Parsons of Nova Scotia, Canada, observed a gull with irregular yellow material on its legs, wings and tail. He sent the pictures to gull researcher Ken Mackenzie in Massachusetts who had some thoughts (which I will not reveal lest they bias your own musings.) Through Ken, the photos reached SEANET, and we here present them to the vast group intellect of Seanetters and ask you to post your thoughts. There is no definitive answer on this, so we welcome any ideas you might have.

Who can say how gulls get into the trouble they do?



2 responses

12 11 2010
Helen Rasmussen

The gull looks like it got into some ‘Great Stuff’ spray foam insulation. It’s a good thing they aren’t divers.

ps The snow bunting shot is a great one, it reminds me of how I feel in a warm patch of sun during the winter beach walks!

18 11 2010
Superstar Seanetter stellar citizen scientist « SEANET Blog

[…] a note about a earlier post, in which we asked your opinions about a photo of a gull with a bizarre yellow encrustation on its […]

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