Introducing eider intern Ashley!

9 11 2010

When it comes to birding, Ashley ascribes to the "go big, or go home" school of thought.

Mentioned only briefly in a previous post, Ashley Gorr, our “eider intern” here gets her due. Ashley has been performing surveys on remote stretches of Great Island in Wellfleet, MA where the recurrent Common Eider die-0ffs tend to occur. Ashley has been trekking out to count, tag, photograph and collect wings from dead eiders in an effort to better understand the make-up of the population involved in the die-offs. Ashley was very obliging when asked for a little info on herself, and for a couple photos to make the portrait complete. Here is Ashley, in her own words:

“I graduated from SUNY Albany with a B.S. in Biology in 2008. I spent time living in California and St.Thomas, VI before moving to Cape Cod in April. I spent April-July working for the Cape Cod National Seashore monitoring piping plovers and least terns. I have been working for Mass Audubon since August, initially on coastal waterbird and diamondback terrapin projects, and now as the sea turtle field assistant. I am a runner and am training for the NYC marathon while fundraising for the Boomer Esiason Foundation for cystic fibrosis. I am pursuing graduate school interests for Fall 2011 and am looking to get into a program for wildlife ecology. I love running, hiking, cooking, snowboarding, and am trying to learn how to surf and play guitar!”

Ashley summits mountains and barely breaks a sweat. So a mountain of dead eiders is no big deal.

Clearly some sort of superwoman, we are glad Ashley deemed our eider project worthy of her commitment and attention, and when she’s done with us, we wish her luck with her next adventures this Fall!



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4 01 2011
Goings on in Wellfleet, MA « SEANET Blog

[…] Mass Audubon’s stranding hotline (508-349-2615) and his call was picked up by none other than Ashley Gorr, our eider intern (who moonlights for the stranding team–or is it the other way around?) […]

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