Dead Bird Quiz: spare parts edition

19 10 2010

Bird A: Found this month by Diana Gaumond on Cape Cod. Culmen: 64mm.

Bird B: Also found by Diana on the same walk. Wing chord: 32cm.

This dead bird quiz offers up a couple tidbits commonly encountered on SEANET beaches. As you know, partial birds can count as carcasses; as long as there is one measurable body part (bill, wing, or tarsus), the “bird” counts in our database.

Identifying bits of dead birds can be a difficult skill to acquire, but Seanetters, in their zeal for deceased avians, are doubtless undaunted by the challenge. So bring on your thoughts on these specimens. They may be a bit trickier than one would expect…



3 responses

19 10 2010
John Stanton

My guesses are:

Photo #1 Immature Greater black-backed gull
Photo #2 Laughing gull

Not much left of these birds!!

21 10 2010
Dennis Minsky

not much to go on, but 1st is definitely a gull; I would guess Herring subadult
2nd perhaps a Ring-Bill Gull

21 10 2010
Mary Wright

Tricky, indeed. How about:
#1 Glaucous Gull
#2 Black-legged Kittiwake

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