SEANET musings from another season

29 07 2010

A mostly buried Eider unearthed by Diana Gaumond

Your SEANET blogger is at home today, engaged in a Candyland marathon with a sick toddler. With only a few moments to steal for this post, it is not simply impossible for me to come up with any original thoughts, it would be inadvisable given the mental state induced by the prolonged company of a feverish 3 year old.

In addition, it’s a hot, humid day here in New Hampshire, and the SEANET blogger is especially grateful for a reminder of cooler seasons. Thus, I share with you the thoughts of Seanetter Diana Gaumond, volunteer on Cape Cod. She included this note along with a January survey report. It seems to capture the very essence of the Seanetter’s determination, and, perhaps, eccentricity.

“I noticed a bit of wing sticking up from the sand and thought I would uncover the wing and try to identify it. After digging with a foot and hands, I realized the wing was attached to more bird parts and would need more serious digging. With so much human wrack around, I probably could have found a shovel if I looked long enough.  Instead, I used a nearby chunk of wood and dug and dug. After unearthing a foot and sternum, it became apparent that digging up any more was futile.  It seemed to go way down in the sand and wind was refilling the hole at the same rate as my sand removal. I took photos, tagged and spray-painted, and re-interred the much-dead bird. There were people further along the beach and I wondered how I would explain digging up, spray painting, and re-burying a mangled bird carcass to a casual observer.  I think what we do might appear somewhat deranged to some people and wondered if there is some point where some line of crazy is crossed. Or maybe the frozen-finger feeling had spread and brain-freeze was causing these ruminations, and it’s all really quite normal. Time to go home!”



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