Spotted a tagged gull?

27 07 2010

Fashion gull sports early 90s style hot pink wing tag

**if you have seen a tagged gull, please contact Dan Clark directly (info at bottom of post)! Comments posted here are welcome, but we do not run the tag program, so we aren’t the ones who need the details!**

The Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) is engaged in ongoing research on gulls and their potential impacts on drinking water reservoirs in the state. Three species of gull, Ring-billed, Herring and Great Black-backed, are continually being captured, banded and released in an effort to learn more about the travels and activities of the birds when they are not visiting the Quabbin and Wachusett reservoirs.

In addition to the standard issue leg bands used in most bird studies, DCR birds are also tagged with conspicuous, brightly colored wing tags. This enables even casual observers without binoculars to report sightings.

This past week, the SEANET blogger spotted a Ring-billed Gull with a fluorescent pink wing tag in Ogunquit, Maine. The bird was begging chips and sandwiches off of beach-goers. Upon contacting Dan Clark at DCR, the blogger learned that this bird was captured in Shrewsbury  in central MA back in October. She’s an adult female, and had not been seen since her tagging. The blogger was thus quite gratified to help out by reporting this bird. Though thousands of people were on the beach with the tagged bird, no one had apparently bothered to find out where to report the tag. So never assume a bird you see has already been reported; all sightings are valuable!

SEANET Local Coordinator, Jamie Bogart of the Lloyd Center in Buzzard’s Bay, Massachusetts, has also seen a number of these tagged gulls and inquired with SEANET about where to report sightings. If you should encounter one of these gulls (and really anyone could given the great distances the birds often travel), please contact Dan Clark ( or Ken Mackenzie ( And be sure to check out their study website where you can learn all about their work and even follow the movements of some of their satellite tagged birds.



128 responses

9 01 2012
Tracy J.

Seagull bright orange tags #635 in Holden, MA spotted. Banded foot seemed to not be okay, he seemed to be holding it up “folded in” as he stood on his good foot flat on the ground, otherwise seemed fine. He was with a bunch of others at the Dunkin Donuts parking lot.

6 07 2013

Found this page after searching for ring-billed guls tagged, because I spotted four this week on the North Shore (green, red, & orange tags). Thanks- I sent email and will take camera along on subsequent beach walks!

6 07 2013

But, their study page linked to above is 404. 😦

8 07 2013

Thanks for the heads up! I will fix that link.

26 01 2012
jim mc eneaney

saw on 1/26/12 @1015am at oakland beach,r.i. a Ringed-billed gull with a pink wing tag #645. it also had pink tag on its leg.

1 01 2013
Don Richardson

Observed a seagull with bright red tags on wings #851 on our pier on the Saugus River at 31 Spencer Avenue, Saugus.

2 01 2013

Hi Don! Thanks for the sighting! I will pass it along to the guys doing that tagging work. And by the way, my dad grew up in Saugus, so this is a bird particularly close to my heart!

5 01 2013
Tracey Trojan

I found # 839 in the Manton Avenue Stop and Shop parking lot in Providence RI. At first I thought he had stickers stuck on him. He seems fine and flew away with the rest of the gulls.

7 01 2013

Great! Thanks Tracey! I have passed along your sighting to Dan Clark, who does this gull tagging work. Will let you know what I hear about your bird!

14 01 2013

5 or more red tags in downtown framingham

27 01 2013
N. Kurrass

Saw a gull with tag# 827 on a pond in East Patchogue NY 1/27/13

1 02 2013
annie neumannn

spotted seagull #250 in westerly ri

3 02 2013

saw seagull orange tag on wings 953 febuary 3 2013 359 Crescent ave Chelsea Ma.

4 02 2013
Tracey Fairbrother

There are two tagged seagulls frequently in the Shaws supermarket parking lot in Wakefield, RI………..#924 and #836

1 03 2013


14 03 2013
Peggy Lindblom

Orange tag #923 Walmart parking lot, Waterford, CT 3:30PM 3/14/13

17 03 2013
glenn anderson

824 spotted 3/17/13 in wakefield RI at Staples parking lot. What kind of sea gull is it?

22 03 2013

Contact Dan Clark for details. See post for contact info!

22 03 2013

654 3/22/13 Charter Oak landing CT River, Hartford CT

24 03 2013
Michelle Simons

I saw 1051 on Kings Beach in Swampscott MA. Right at the Lynn Swampscott townline.

24 03 2013
Michelle Simons

That was at 1:30p on 3/24/13

31 03 2013
Michelle Simons

I saw #1051 still hanging out at Kings Beach Swampscott on 3/30/13 1p

5 04 2013
Trish Caron

I saw two gulls at north pond in Brookfield MA # 1087 and 1077

31 03 2013
Ricky b

Tag # 1066 lynn mass parkland ave

14 04 2013
Bill P

Saw A1058 on Winthrop Beach April 14 2013

16 04 2013
Roger Donegan

Just a short while ago on lunch break today, 04-16-13, at 12:40 PM. I saw a wing-tagged gull (orange tags) at Perkins Pier here in Burlington, VT. I couldn’t make out the number. Will keep an eye out for him/her. I did a double take – first time I ever saw a gull with Redwing Blackbird-like epaulets. Strong winds today and the gull was trying to stand his ground in the gusts coming out of the south west off Lake Champlain. The tag is on both wings, over and under.

17 04 2013

Do keep an eye out! Hopefully it’ll turn up again. If you do see it, email Dan Clark directly. His contact info is in the post.

29 04 2013
Terry Souers

4/29/13: Sometime last week I also saw a seagull with orange wing patches at Perkins Pier in Burlington, VT (shores of Lake Champlain). It was hovering in strong winds and I was unable to see the numbers. I, too, will keep an eye open to see if I can make out the number should it appear again.

1 05 2013

It’s gotta come down sometime!

1 05 2013
Terry Souers

Yes… but where? I’ve been back to Perkins Pier several times and have not seen it. Maybe I need to toss out a handful of french fries (the unofficial state bird of Vermont is a seagull with a french fry in its beak!).

3 05 2013

HA! They are majestic when feeding on french fries!

5 05 2013

tag 90? York Beach Maine May5 2:20

21 05 2013

Herring-gull, green tag #149 on Hull beach 5/19/13

23 05 2013
Danielle Rideout

Gull 669 was spotted up the Royal River in Yarmouth, Me.

16 06 2013
Steve McClarie

Gull 669 was in Hannaford parking lot in Bangor, ME on 6/16/13.

21 06 2013
Robin Curran

#669 seen in parking lot of McDonalds in Bangor ME on 6/19

25 06 2013
Kim Farone

Tagged seagull. Orange tag number 718 on North Beach in Burlington Vermont on June 25, 2013

29 06 2013

R73 spotted on Hampton Beach NH June 22, 2013

3 07 2013
edith tibbo

spotted a seagull with tag # 1061, sobeys parking lot, grand falls-Windsor, newfoundland,canada today at 7:30.. july 3rd>2013

2 08 2013

saw this seagull today at charlottetown mall this am ,#, 1061 do you know where he was tagged TONY KELLY TKELLY2PEI.SYMPATICO.CA, THANKS

7 07 2013
Ken Liversidge

Saw a black backed gull at Brewster Beach in Wolfeboro, NH with orange tags but couldn’t read the numbers

7 07 2013
Cheryl Harris

Spotted a seagull with an orange tag labeled 1087 on Piper Pond in Abbott, Maine on July 2nd and 3rd. He appeared in good health and was having a great time hanging out on our swim float.

8 07 2013
S Roy

I’ve spotted seagull tagged with black leg tag 946 Salisbury Beach, Ma

13 07 2013

Saw a gull with a orange /red tag on each Wing on Old Orchard Beach.

19 07 2013
Bill S

Saw gull #749 at Hampton Beach State Park in New Hampshire July 18,2013
appeared healthy looking for handouts

27 07 2013
Paul Topper

Just spotted a gull with tag number 1001 on old orchard beach , Maine. Saturday, July 27,.@ 1;30 pm

28 07 2013

Gull #1071 in Plainfield, CT at the Quinebaug Valley Trout Hatchery.

1 08 2013
Robert (Spruce) Whited

30 July 2013 ; Time 20:15 Searsport, Maine Tag # 961

1 08 2013
Robert (Spruce) Whited

Correction to post :: Date should be 31 July 2013

4 08 2013
seneca hanna

669 tag number at Walmart Ellsworth maine

4 08 2013

Seagull with tag #802 was spotted at pleasure bay in south Boston today. Appeared to be healthy eating bread from a beach patron with the other gulls. Many other tagged gulls have been spotted between pleasure bay and Carson beach in the past couple summers

6 08 2013
Ellie Hutchinson

Spotted a Herring Gull with PINK Wing Tag 991.Aug’03/13 at 1900 HRS ADT. It was foraging on our lawn following a heavy downpour. Located on the shores of the Richibucto River where it meets the Molus River. 15 Miles inland from the Northumberland Strait.

6 08 2013

Just saw seagull walking around with two orange tags #1001 on both tags in front of Saunders Avenue in Old Orchard Beach, ME. August 6, 2013 around 2:45pm. Have photo of it.

9 08 2013

I spotted a Herring Gull with red tag on both wings, on the golf course at Gowan Brae Bathurst N.B

10 08 2013
Justen Girard

Orange #938 is at short beach in nahant. and apparently likes eating turkey tips. Cannibalistic savage.

11 08 2013

1001 spotted in OOB August 11, 2013

19 08 2013
Bill and Linda

Vacationing in Old Orchard Beach, Maine from Florida. Spotted a gull with “orange” wings. Upon closer observation, we saw it had been tagged. Tag # 100. Would like to track it !

24 08 2013
Charlotte Warner

Spotted red tagged seagull in Old Orchard Beach going towards Scarborough, Maine. #1001 on Aug.23, 2013

28 08 2013
Leigh Gerow

Old Orchard Beach, Maine. August 28, 2013. Gull with orange tag #1001.
Looks healthy and with other gulls.

31 08 2013

Just spotted Orange tag #669 at Walmart in Ellsworth Maine. Looks healthy and hanging with another seagull that is unmarked.

2 09 2013
Annette Masselli

Spotted a seagull with bright orange tags on both wings at Old Orchard Beach on Sunday, September 1, 2013. The number on the tags was 1001.

11 09 2013
Ann Marie

While at fort foster beach in kittery Maine we observed a seagull with a green tag on his leg that read k82.

23 09 2013

Trade center pier in the seaport area in Boston, gull with green tag number 189

23 09 2013
Joan Searles

#1001 has been hanging out on the Old Orchard Beach/Pine Point Beach most of the summer. First saw him/her? on July 18 and saw him again today, September 23. Have seen him a few times in between hanging out with a larger group of gulls though seems to be slightly apart. Would his red tag cause him to be ostracized?

25 09 2013

saw a gull with an orange tag # 870 in Cherryfield, Maine this morning. its doing good & ate some crackers

30 09 2013

192 green tagged seen today in East Brunswick,NJ 08816 by the Raritan river at the landfill where thousands of seagulls come everyday. Do not know who needs this info perhaps you do.

2 10 2013

Spotted a tagged seagull #197 green tags both wings. East Brunswick,NJ by Raritan river at landfill have pictures but can’t see numbers on tags.

2 10 2013
james michael

Spotted gull with blue tag #149 along Nantasket Beach Hull Ma at 1400 on 10/02/13 at waters edge

3 10 2013
Wendy Frost

saw number 1000 at Pine Point beach in Scarborough beach Maine. Seems healthy.

6 10 2013

Two tagged seagulls seen in south plaza worcester mass both also have leg bracelets. Begging for food could not make out numbers.

20 10 2013

Seen a sea gull with orange tags on both wings #68 @ Wendy’s parking lot in Suffolk Downs in Revere, Mass

23 10 2013
Kevin Provencher

I spotted a gull with an orange tag 705 at Shaws supermarket Millcreek Plaza in South Portland Maine.

23 10 2013
Kevin Provencher

3:30 pm

25 10 2013

Seagull #669 was spotted in Ellsworth ME in the Global Beverage parking lot 10/25/13

31 10 2013
Mike ferry

I have pictures of a seagull that’s been hangin out at our work in newington nh. It’s tagged with a number on both wings and one leg.

2 11 2013
alan morano

I scene two today with green tags on Wollaston beach Quincy ma, only could see one of them close number was 114

3 11 2013

I’m in Brooklyn Ct. I see a seagull with an orang tag on the left wing #1071 I hope I’m right on the number

7 11 2013

saw ring billed gull in Montague PEI Canada with orange tag on each wing but did not observe any numbers. Bird also had band on each leg with left leg also having a wire running up it. Bird appeared to be favoring left leg. C.Birch

2 12 2013
jesse fraser

A465 spotted at mcdonalds in merrimack, nh
Adj to exit 11 rt 3/everett tpk. Bird in good condition and out competing his fellows for spare fries.
Call with any specific questions

8 12 2013

I saw about 10 red tagged gulls, Stop & Shop parking lot, Furlong Drive, Revere Mass 12/08/13

25 12 2013
James Hahn

Green #137, Wollaston Beach, Quincy, MA, Christmas morning, December 25, 2013 at 11 am. I emailed the addresses in the blog. THANKS!

28 12 2013
Ken breeden

Orange tag #1057 on healthy gull at Oak Island North Carolina today at 2:40pm

6 01 2014

Saw green tag 121 on the beach in hull, ma
12:40pm Jan 6, 2014

25 01 2014
Danielle M

I saw a seagull tagged with 1040A in fall river mass. I’m honestly wondering if this is painful for them though..

27 01 2014

It’s a fair question, and one we get a lot. I posted on it recently here: and the upshot is, it hurts similar to getting an ear piercing, and then doesn’t hurt once the tag is in place unless the bird somehow snags it on something and rips the skin. But that appears to be exceedingly rare.

4 03 2014

Spotted seagull with number 701 orange tag in Southport NC

5 03 2014
D Zoller

March 5 2014 2:00 sea gull tag A899 seen at manasquan inlet point pleasant beach side of inlet in New Jersey

17 03 2014
Erick linguino

I spotted seagull with orange tag on his wings on 04/17/14 on jersey city New Jersey near at the pathmark supermarket near medical center

17 03 2014
Erick linguino

I spotted seagull # 1087. Jersey City Medical Center… 3/17/2014 at 4:12pm

2 05 2014
Bob Sweet

This morning I spotted a ring billed gull with what is suggested is an orange tag on its left wing. I am at Cape Traverse, in Prince Edward Island, Canada. I can supply a photo if desired.

13 05 2014
tom and deb

May 12th 2014 Revere Beach ma.mid-afternoon.
Seagull spotted..with orange Tag #1064
Mostly an all white Gull..with gray wings..just an typical looking seagull.

3 06 2014

1094 spotted on my lawn this morning. Kippens, Newfoundland Canada.

6 09 2014
Ruthanne Switzer

9/6/14 Black Rock Beach, Nahant. Orange left wing tag which was folded over but appeared to be “99”. Ring-bill, grey spots on head, grey body and wings and some black on its tail. Smaller than our Nahant gulls.

8 09 2014

Thanks Ruthanne! I will forward to the team who who tagged that gull!

11 09 2014
Christopher Barna

Spotted seagull tagged leg band, number 5X4 at Hampton Beach,NH.

11 09 2014
Christopher Barna

I spotted this seagull at the date of 8/30/14 with the Leg band number 5X4 at Hampton Beach,NH.

12 09 2014

Thanks! I will pass it along to the gull database folks, and they should be emailing you with some details on that bird’s history. Thanks for the sighting!

13 09 2014
Morrison Bonpasse

Saw seagull #1034 on the Dyer River bridge in Sheepscot, Newcastle, Maine on 9/13/14 at 11:30.

12 10 2014

Spotted an old friend about two weeks ago at Old Orchard Beach, ME…#1001. Saw him/her? quite a few times last summer and was glad to see that he is still around. Seemed very frisky, washing in the surf. Tags were a little worse for wear, but still clearly visible.

23 10 2014
Tony Kelly

Spotted # 1061 again, a year and a half since I last saw him in the charlottetown mall parking lot, tags are getting worn curling inwards,

2 12 2014
Scott Martin

#1056 Sandy Neck Barnstable Cape Cod… I have Photos if anybody is interested? Top tag worn bottom tag intact

29 03 2015
Kristi Lee prior

We found a dead seagull on the beach in Portland maine, it had a red zip tie through it nose holes. What does that mean….I thought they tagged a bird on its wing or leg. Did this cause the gulls death? ?

31 03 2015

Thank you for the comment Kristi! the beak is one of the locations our volunteers tag–it’s legs, wings, and then through the nostrils. It was most definitely applied post-mortem and did not cause the death! Thank you again, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any future questions!

13 05 2015
mike pelletier

Green tag 130 . At south bay plazza in Boston ma seemed fine.

4 06 2015

Spotted and eagle with an bracelet. MD66393. Took pictures too. Super friendly. Came up to the balcony and watched us eat. Gave him aome of ouf food. Came out od nowhere…..really cool. Stayed withbus for about minutes.

We live in Vancouver, BC tag came from Maryland!

4 06 2015

Very cool! Have you reported it to the US Federal Banding Lab? (report They should be able to give you the backstory on that bird. Nice sighting!

27 06 2015
Carl Lundrigan

spotted gull 89A at Robins Donut parking lot in Bay Roberts N.L.

12 07 2015

Hi Carl! I have passed along the sighting to a couple researchers who may know whose project that is. You will receive an email from them if they know. Thanks for the report!

19 07 2015
Madeleine Harvey

Saw a large turquoise tag – bird #145 at Fish Beach on Monhegan Island in Maine. He/she came by to share my sandwich on July 15th.

22 07 2015

How cozy! What fine dining companions they are. I am passing this sighting along to the folks who run that project. Hopefully you will hear back from them!

21 07 2015
Joe Dean

Spotted tagged seagull on Hampton Beach. Green tag on leg L52

9 08 2015

Spotted a tagged seagull on a mall parking lot in Bay Roberts Newfoundland Canada. blue leg band with the number 89A. and an aluminum band on the other leg.

18 08 2015

Hi Alice! That band is not part of one the projects we monitor, but you can definitely report it to the USGS banding lab if you haven’t already. They are at:

Thank you!

14 08 2015
Rose Donova-Thies

Spotted seagull with leg and #5×4 on 8/13/15 at Hampton Beach NH.

20 08 2015
Jake shea

seagull U44 spotted at Hampton Beach at 12:30p 8/20/15 green tag on leg

2 09 2015
Kerry Cooper

We saw a seagull with a green tag on its leg #M16 at Pikes Beach in Westhampton NY on 8/30/15

3 09 2015
John Anthony Lay

Spotted a tagged seagull on beach in Plymouth MA green leg band with the number Y86. and an aluminum band on the other leg.09/03/15

26 09 2015
Jill Nihill

Green wing tag seagull #210 Carson Beach, South Boston, MA.

24 10 2015

Spotted a tagged seagull in Wildwood, NJ. Right leg, green band, U74. Left leg had aluminum tag, no clue as to information. 09/18/15.

26 11 2015

saw one on Boston Street parking lot in Lynn, MA. Didn’t see the number but it had yellow tags on it. Never seen one before. 11/24/15

26 03 2016
Nita Klatt

spotted a tagged seagull here in Canada, ( northern Vancouver Island)

26 03 2016
Nita Klatt

I spotted a two tagged seagull here on NORTHERN VANCOUVER ISLAND

15 05 2016

I saw green tags on a seagull in a Hannaford parking lot in Rockland, Maine. Unfortunately wasn’t close enough to read the numbers.

6 07 2016
Denise Montminy

Saw a gull with Green band (T39) at Hampton Beach, NH 7/06/16.

8 07 2016

You’ll be hearing from the banding project very soon, Denise!

10 07 2016
David Gates

We just saw a Herring Gull in Allston, Mass on 7/10/16 with two Mallard Green colored wing tags (one on each wing) and the number 210 on each tag. I’m very curious about this Gull project and this Gull. I help keep tabs on our local Peregrine falcons here in Allston for my friend Dr Tom French at MassWildlife. I have been lucky enough to attend three bandings. It’s always nice when one of the birds we banded shows up on the radar somewhere. 🙂

10 07 2016
David Gates

Allston, Mass 7/10/16 We just saw a herring Gull with two Mallard green Wing tags. Each Tag had the number 210 on it.

31 07 2016

Bird L52 just tried to steal our bag of taffy!! Put him in a time out!!!

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