A little help, Seanetters?

22 06 2010

Don't forget, the beak needs to be tagged too!

Our excellent new intern, Sarabeth, is hard at work on some informational/promotional materials for our recruiting and education efforts. As part of this endeavor, she is putting together a pamphlet which outlines the procedures our volunteers must follow in the field. To that end, we are in need of a photo of a carcass properly and completely marked with orange cable ties.

Each whole carcass found should be marked with a cable tie on each leg, each wing, and through the nostrils. While many people place one or two ties on a bird, we really need all five parts tagged, and we need a photo illustrating that. The photo should show the tagged bird in one of the two approved SEANET postures–either ventral or dorsal, with the wings outstretched and bill shown in profile.

If you have a photo on hand of such a thoroughly marked carcass, please send it in! Otherwise, next time you find a dead bird, please tag it fully and send the photo directly to me (sarah.courchesne”at”tufts.edu) for immediate use in Sarabeth’s work.

What’s in it for you? Our undying affection, credit for your photo in our awesome pamphlet,  and potentially a very fabulous gift.




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