Dead Bird Quiz: weirdo edition

18 05 2010

After all the grim news out of the Gulf the past few posts, your SEANET blogger is today electing to take psychological refuge in the old standby, the Dead Bird Quiz. On offer today: some really weird stuff. As always, comments, guesses, general musings are all welcome.

A) This headless bird was found along with two headless pigeons (Rock Doves) on the New Jersey beach of Jerry Golub.

B) These two distinctive specimens were found by Stephen Brezinski in Maine last month.

C) This specimen was found on Long Island last month by Mark Ginsberg.



5 responses

18 05 2010
John Stanton

My guesses:
1. Headless guinea fowl
2. Mutant rubber jungle fowl
3. Ruddy turnstone

18 05 2010
Mary Wright

I agree with John Stanton:
1. Guinea fowl
2. Gallus domesticus, subspecies plasticus
3. Ruddy Turnstone in breeding plumage

19 05 2010
Diana Gaumond

My turn to guess:
1. Guinea fowl
2. Airline dinner main ingredient
3. Horned lark

19 05 2010

Since it’s the weirdo edition, I’m disagreeing on 3.
1. guinea fowl
2. rubber chickens
3. horned lark

30 12 2010
Dead Bird Quiz answers « SEANET Blog

[…] Though clearly not the same species, but potentially of the same genus, two birds with similar plumage were discovered on a beach in Maine this year and included in an earlier Dead Bird Quiz. […]

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