SEANET goes to first grade

27 04 2010

SEANET Project Coordinator Sarah Courchesne explains to the 1st graders how seabirds forage for food

Last week, the SEANET blogger visited Mrs. Dohrmann’s 1st grade class in East Kingston, NH. The students are raising ducklings and learning about the environment, so SEANET was a great fit for them. Your blogger brought a host of intriguing objects, including severed seabird wings and heads, and a pile of the plastic fragments recovered from the stomachs of Greater Shearwaters.

The first graders were remarkably astute and knowledgeable about the problem of plastics in the oceans and how it affects seabirds and marine life generally. They even knew how plastic bag ingestion has caused the deaths of countless sea turtles because the animals think the bags are prey items like jellies.

Unlike many adults the SEANET blogger meets, the kids were incredibly excited about the prospect of holding a gannet’s head, or a stuffed dovekie.

The blogger was most impressed with the kids, and very encouraged by their commitment to preserving the environment. Mrs. Dohrmann, you should be very proud–they are an absolutely delightful group!




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