SEANET offers sheepish retraction, but Ray Bosse is still awesome.

6 04 2010

The great Ray Bosse has monofilament recycling up and running in Westport, MA.

Well, at Ray’s prompting, SEANET delved into our old records to see if our dead bird tallies might, in fact, be inflated. As it turns out, Ray was right. Way back when SEANET converted from paper reports to our current web-based data system, some of the reports were duplicated. Our database heroine, Megan Hines, very quickly found and corrected the issue. So now, rather the 100 dead birds we trumpeted last week, Ray’s tally on the SEANET site has dropped to 60 dead birds total. For Seanetters who have been with us since 2006 or earlier, you may also notice precipitous drops in dead bird counts. More recent volunteers should not notice any change at all.

The SEANET blogger would like to point out that Ray’s absurd walk total remains astronomical and is accurate. Also, under the “Ray Bosse is awesome” heading, the photo shown here depicts one of the monofilament fishing line recycling bins that Ray has installed in Westport, MA. Ray has been so diligent in getting these bins placed, and we really want to recognize his efforts. Volunteers Frank Kenny (NJ) and John Fisk (SC) have also installed bins in their respective necks of the woods.

If any other Seanetters would also like to maintain a monofilament recycling bin, we still have a number of them on hand, so please contact us and we’ll ship one (or more!) out to you. They need not be installed on your SEANET beach, and can be placed at either ocean or freshwater fishing spots. Thanks Seanetters!



2 responses

6 04 2010
carole hart

My environmental commission and I, recently started a monofilament recycling program in Manasquan, Nj at the Manasquan River Inlet.
If you can spare an extra collection bin, I’d greatly appreciate it. We’d like to mount it near a pond in town.
Carole Hart

26 04 2010
Dennis Minsky

Any progress getting Cape Cod National Seashore on board with this program? I would love to make it happen, as I pick that stuff up almost every day on our beaches. It has to go through official channels, though. Dennis Minsky

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