Ray Bosse’s 100th bird!

30 03 2010

Ray Bosse's 100th bird was a female Common Eider, and she was banded!

Ray Bosse, dedicated SEANET foot soldier in Westport, MA where he walks Gooseberry Island and Cherry and Webb beaches, has turned up his 100th bird! Ray has been with SEANET just about the longest of any volunteer, estimating that he’s been Seanetting for about 5 years now.

Lest ye doubt Ray’s dedication, check out the stats on the SEANET dashboard: he is number one for total walks reported, and at a breath-taking 288 walks, leaves the rest of us in the dust. Now that Ray has found his 100th bird, he joins a rarefied group indeed. Only Dennis Minsky has found more birds.

Ray’s 100th bird was notable for another reason; the female eider sported a band, and Ray is now waiting for information about the bird having reported it to the appropriate authorities. Your SEANET blogger will share the details with you as they become available.

The self-effacing Ray maintains that there must be some error in our accounting of dead birds, saying he can’t believe he’s actually found 100 given his relatively low carcass encounter rate. Indeed, our Buzzard’s Bay, Massachusetts volunteers do tend to find vastly fewer birds than, say, our Cape Cod volunteers, but Ray has been at this a good long time.

Still, SEANET intends to look into Ray’s concern about our numbers, just to be sure all is in good order. We will be taking this opportunity not just to investigate Ray’s tally, but our entire database to make sure our data are accurate. The SEANET blogger will let you know the outcome either way.

SEANET would like to thank Ray for being the model Seanetter (for instance, the SEANET blogger would like to point out the orange cable tie snugly fitted through this bird’s nostrils). Not only does Ray generate frequent reports from two beaches, the quality of his data is unimpeachable. He’s also been hustling around Westport trying to install a number of the monofilament recycling bins SEANET has provided, and he even drives a Prius! Ray Bosse, champion of the coastal environment and all around great guy, SEANET salutes you!




One response

5 04 2010
Melissa Buhler

Congratulations, Ray! You sound like a beach rat. Where I walk, along the Gulf of Mexico, I go months without siting a beached bird. So far this year, our live sitings are down as well. The Gulf’s ultra-chilly temps discouraged many of our migrators from touching down for long. We had several fish and mammal kills as well. Turtles, dolphin, jellyfish, skates were also washing up. But I guess New England has had a rough winter and lately too much rain, which might account for more beached birds. Keep up the good work for SeaNet.

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