Grab bag of oddities

23 03 2010

An all black penguin sighted in Antarctica. The condition is known as melanism. (photo by Andrew Evans)

Submitted for your consideration this Tuesday, an extremely rare bird: an all black King Penguin on Antarctica’s South Georgia Island. Details of the report can be found at National Geographic’s Traveler site. The photo generated much bewilderment and consternation in the birding and scientific communities with heated debate and even charges of nefarious photo-shopping flying back and forth. Now there’s video of the celebrity bird strutting about, lending further credence to the report. Check it out and judge for yourself.

A four foot section of bones found by Ray Bosse in Massachusetts. What could it be?

A bit closer to home, Seanetter Ray Bosse of Westport, MA spotted a string of bones on his beach. While noting that it is certainly not a seabird carcass, Ray made a moving plea for all dead things and asked that we not turn away from this specimen simply for its non-avian nature. The length of the specimen is about 4 feet. Any guesses as to the identity of the dearly departed owner of these bones?




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23 03 2010
Hello world!

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