Featured Beach: ME_53

11 03 2010

Aimee Moffitt-Mercer on Lucia Beach February 28, 2010 after a storm that left seaweed “bales” full of sand, fist sized stones and man made debris.

We are very pleased at our burgeoning ranks of Maine Seanetters, and here’s another of our relatively new recruits: Aimee Moffitt-Mercer who walks (with son, Randy Mercer) on Lucia Beach in Birch Point State Park, Owl’s Head, Maine. The beach is a mostly sandy stretch popular with dogs and their walkers, swimmers (in season) and even guys driving little remote controlled buggies.

After relentless haranguing by the SEANET blogger, Aimee very kindly furnished us with the following volunteer profile:

12 year old Randy Mercer on data-recording duty.

“Aimee is 47 years of age and works half time as a Unitarian Universalist Church Administrator on Midcoast Maine. Aimee was born and grew up in Maine and has no intention to stray further than Maine. Not only that but she is landlubber; only enjoying flying vicariously through the birds she has gradually developed an affinity for over the past 25 years. The first bird that really captured her imagination was an indigo bunting (who wouldn’t be captivated huh) flying to and fro while she occupied a very small apartment in 1984 where there wasn’t much to do except enjoy the birds in the field. Since then she has lightly dabbled in birding, occasionally traveling short distances to surround herself, and be absorbed into, a flock of bird aficionados; wildlife biologists, and naturalists or attending programs sponsored by the local chapter of the Audubon society. Aimee has just begun to shuttle injured birds to Avian Haven, in Freedom, Maine. Avian Haven is a non-profit wild bird rehabilitation center dedicated to the return of injured and orphaned wild birds of all species to natural roles in the wild. Volunteering for the Citizen Science SEANET program is a great opportunity for her, as an ordinary citizen to give back and an opportunity to develop her sea bird vocabulary.

Randy, her 12 year old son, is her good natured companion who through osmosis, and no fault of his own, possesses a flair for bird identification that may become ever more apparent as the years go by.

Lew McGregor amidst the post-storm wreckage last month.

Lew McGregor is also pictured  and is often on the SEANUT outings. There was a storm in the midcoast Maine area over the course of three days or so at the end of February that produced many blow downs and he is pictured here with a few “tip-ups”, perhaps new habitat for a family of winter wrens!”

SEANET thanks all three of you for your enthusiasm and dedication–keep up the good work!




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