Toward a more perfect SEANET

9 03 2010

The ideal Seanetter?

There will soon be one more field to fill out when submitting SEANET data: we have discovered that having a dog along during walks can drastically increase a Seanetter’s likelihood of finding carcasses. This comes as no surprise, since, while human Seanetters are intrigued by dead birds, dogs love them so much that they will happily roll in one.

In order to capture the influence a canine companion has on the carcass discovery rate, we need to know who is walking with a dog, and when. Ultimately this will be a simple checkbox in our online data entry form, but until we get that feature up and running, please indicate if you had a dog with you by noting it in the “comments” field when you enter your data.

As always, thank you Seanetters!




3 responses

10 03 2010
Carolyn Longworth

There is a local hunter who jogs with his hunting dog at the beach every day. The dog brought me a dead Red-breasted Merganser one morning. It was pretty stiff so the dog didn’t have anything to do with the death, but it must have noticed my interest in dead birds.

11 03 2010
Jamie Bogart

I’ll bet I know both the dog and the hunter!

14 03 2010
Jenette Kerr

It’s interesting your raising this point about dog assistance because I’ve often wondered if I’m “missing” carcasses because of the wildly shifting sands on my beach. I keep an eye out for wing tips and other subtle signs of a buried bird but I just don’t have that ‘nose for news’ that a pooch does !

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