SEANET covers the waterfront

2 02 2010

A beached Beaked Whale in Florida. (photo by Jerry Golub)

SEANET’s reach is, as many of you already know, extensive, reaching from Maine to Florida (with, admittedly, a few gaps in between.) This past week, two SEANET events of particular note: Jerry Golub, volunteer in New Jersey, is fortunate to visit Florida with some frequency. His beach of choice there (Melbourne Beach, Brevard County) is actually adjacent to the SEANET beach of Martin Vanoy. While down there on vacation, Jerry noticed a local news helicopter and went to find out what was going on. There on the beach was a beaked whale– a very unusual find. Beaked whales do not commonly beach themselves, and researchers from the local Hubbs Sea World Research Institute were taking every opportunity to record data on the animal and hope to glean additional information from samples collected during the autopsy. Click here for a brief video about the whale from the local news in Florida. Jerry makes a cameo appearance in the crowds of interested onlookers!

Meanwhile, SEANET Central (meaning Sarah and Julie) were at the decidedly less warm and less scenic Technology Park in Falmouth, MA. They were attending a meeting of the Northwest Atlantic Marine Bird Conservation Cooperative Workshop (rolls right off the tongue, doesn’t it?). SEANET participation inĀ last year’s meeting was also featured on the blog. We are always pleased to see how much SEANET is valued by this community of scientists and representatives of federal agencies like NOAA and the US Fish and Wildlife Service. It was an intensive few days, focused on preparing grant proposals and concrete plans for furthering the marine bird conservation agenda. We hope all the work will bear fruit, and SEANET will, as usual, keep you posted on any future developments. Especially if SEANET gleans some funding from the endeavor.