Featured Beach: ME_58

25 02 2010

Thanks to a grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, SEANET has been increasing its presence in Maine. We are gaining new volunteers by the day, and Dr. Julie Ellis is actually giving a presentation this evening in Falmouth, Maine to recruit yet more Seanetters. In today’s post, we welcome Ron Poulin and his daughter Bridget, who have recently joined our ranks. Ron and Bridget walk Popham Beach in Phippsburg, Maine.

The beach is a sandy stretch within a State Park near the mouth of the Kennebec River. Lobstering goes on offshore, and, in season, sportsmen fish for bluefish along the shore. The beach is a popular one with vacationers in Summer, and the tourist element may explain why the locals have been meeting to discuss how to address some recent erosion of the beach. SEANET will be keen to find out what the locals decide since many “beach stabilization” activities can substantially affect the likelihood of finding bird carcasses.

New Seanetter, Bridget Poulin, in full winter plumage on ME_58

As for our new Seanetters, Ron prefers to shine the biographical spotlight on daughter, Bridget, writing, “[She’s] a biology major at UMaine with an emphasis on cellular biology.  She’s scheduled to graduate Spring 2011 and hopes to attend medical school.  She was such a Seanet trooper to do the walk seeing how she had the flu bug and it was Valentine’s Day.  Her fiancé loaned her the “winter plumage” minus the hat.  I told her a few times prior to the trip she should stay home and I would do it alone.  She insisted on doing the walk.  Bridget said afterwards she looks forward to the next walk minus the flu bug coming along too.”

We already knew that Mainers are tough, and we’re glad to have these two joining us. Anyone willing to join SEANET in northern New England in February is ok in our book. Welcome Ron and Bridget!



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