Dead Bird Quiz

11 02 2010

With Valentine’s Day and Presidents’ Day fast upon us, what could be a more romantic or patriotic thing than taking a dead bird quiz?

Bird A: Headless specimen found by Frank Kenny in New Jersey last month.

Bird B: Found by Mary Myers on Cape Cod last month.

As usual, offer your answers as a comment on this post, and your triumph or folly shall be revealed along with the answers in the next post. Someone, please challenge Doug Suitor for the Ultimate Dead Bird Quiz Championship title!



3 responses

13 02 2010
Doug Suitor

Geez such flattery.
The first is an Alcid. The tail looks too short for a Razorbill. The color seems dark for a Common Murre. That and the timing makes me guess Thick-billed Murre. The second bird is a Long-tailed Duck.

13 02 2010
Mary Wright

Okay, here goes:
Bird A is a Dovekie, improbable though that may be for NJ. Wing chord looks to be about 12-13 cm; scapulars have thin white stripres; secondaries are white-tipped; feet are black.
Bird B is a Long-tailed Duck.

14 02 2010
Doug Suitor

Oops. Should have measured it good call!

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