Warm SEANET sentiments for the New Year

14 01 2010

Little East Beach in Darmouth, Massachusetts. Nothing so serene on the earth as a dead cormorant. (photo by Libby Rock)

Coming to us from Libby Rock, faithful Seanetter in Dartmouth Massachusetts, is this quintessential SEANET tale:

“So: my beleaguered spouse and beach walking partner now works away from home much of the time; so for Christmas I thought I would find a really nice picture of our lovely beach and frame it for him, to have in our apartment where he spends much of his time. So I poked around through tons of pictures – and found the perfect one. A lovely, serene landscape, nice light, perfect. Got frame, all set to make my lovely present.
Then I pulled it up to full size, and as I prepared to run it through P-shop to tweak before printing, took another, closer look. A lovely, serene beachscape – with a large, dead cormorant in the foreground! Why, it IS perfect!! SO picturesque!!”
This very bird, a Great Cormorant, was featured in a Dead Bird Quiz some time back, and here he lies where fate cast him upon the glassy sand.
A belated happy New Year to you Seanetters, who appreciate a coastal scene in its raw state, carcasses and all.



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