Dead Bird Quiz answers; I crack myself up!

24 12 2009

Doug Suitor, right again! Big shocker there. Indeed, Bird A is a Black-legged kittiwake (black legs, yellow bill, and those inky black primary tips without the white mirrors seen in Herring Gulls). And Bird B is a Thick-billed Murre, but from this distance, the average Seanetter would be forgiven for saying “Unknown alcid.” It is especially easy to confuse Common Murres and Thick-billed Murres. Thick-billeds tend to turn up with far greater frequency on SEANET beaches, however.

The real reason for yesterday’s bird quiz is a really terrible pun. Here it is (lucky for me, this murre was found by Frank Kenny):


Frank (inset) and murre

Get it? Get it? Oh man, that is terrible. Must be the delirium of the Christmas season with little kids setting in.

Please don’t stop reading the blog–I promise, no more ghastly puns!

For those who celebrate, Merry Christmas, and to all, peace!



One response

28 12 2009
Jenette Kerr

We can’t let this pun just hang out there in silence. OK, Sarah, how long did it take you to think this up ???! No, wait–I don’t think I want to know !!

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