Wellfleet Volunteers Rock!

9 12 2009

Seanetters gather in Wellfleet: left to right: Sarah Courchesne, Mary Myers, Diana Gaumond, Jenette Kerr, Dennis Minsky, Julie Ellis, Seanetter whose name your blogger has failed to determine, Judy Parmelee, Mike Bjornholm.

SEANET wishes to thank all the current volunteers, prospective volunteers, and generally interested members of the public for joining us at the Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary on Cape Cod this past Saturday. The weather was atrocious, likely aiding our cause by driving people out of the rain and wind and into our lecture hall. The crowd was attentive, inquisitive and very kind to your SEANET blogger, who did not see anyone falling asleep or wandering off.
Thanks also to the staff of the Sanctuary; Mark Faherty and Melissa Lowe in particular were most solicitous and helpful.
It was an absolute pleasure to meet the walkers behind some of SEANET’s longest standing beaches, and the trip overall made SEANET wish to be quartered on the captivating Cape rather than outside Worcester.

Your blogger would like to point out an egregious error. In the whirlwind of meetings and conversations at Saturday’s presentation, she managed to put faces with names and beaches for all but one Seanetter. He is the tall guy in the picture in this post. As your blogger sits here, mortified at this situation, she hopes one of you kind blog readers will set her straight. SEANET desperately wishes to rectify this sad state of affairs and is hoping she got everyone else’s name right at least. She even tried googling the names of all our best Cape Cod walkers in the hopes of recognizing the face. To no avail. Sigh.

The SEANET blogger visits Dennis Minksy's beach. Not evident from photo: the wind was so strong, the gulls were flying backwards.

The day after the presentation, the SEANET blogger even visited Dennis Minsky’s beach in Provincetown where she was nearly swept off the continent by strong winds. Even the gulls looked breathless and chilled.
We hope to continue holding these occasional SEANET get-togethers to meet and recognize our wonderful volunteers for all they do. Perhaps we’ll come to your neck of the woods next–stay tuned Seanetters.




One response

20 12 2009
Dennis Minsky

Dear Seanet Blogger: I wish I had know you were visiting “my” beach; I would have made an effort to be there. Hey- here is an incentive for my fellow Seanetters: my new assistant, a puppy named Dory, found the remnants of a carcass (probable WWSC) in the wrack yesterday; the one leg attached was banded. The band read REWARD $100, along with a number. I called the banding lab and it is legit. How about that?

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