Dead…Mammal Quiz?!

26 11 2009

First off, to answer Jenette’s question on yesterday’s post, as far as I know, this is the USDA’s first foray into the Cape Cod eider die-offs. OF course, I have not been with the SEANET operation for many years, so perhaps their involvement predates my own. The Wildlife Disease program of the USDA frequently engages in similar field investigations, however, so this is certainly not their first rodeo, as it were.

And now, to the main event: a dead mammal quiz. Yes, SEANET is a seabird operation, and the dead bird quizzes are near to all of our hearts. But here is an example of something equally dead, but decidedly mammalian. Since SEANET enjoys the study of all things dead, we invite you to take a look at this dead thing, found by Hugh Sokolski in Connecticut today. Any guesses?


A dead mystery animal on Hugh Sokolski's Connecticut beach


Close-up of the skull






3 responses

28 11 2009
Jenette Kerr

Muskrat–or nutria?

29 11 2009
Alison Robb

Looks like an opossum: Long, thin tail, long nose, color, size

29 11 2009


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