SEANET at Wellfleet Bay, December 5th!

10 11 2009
POM IMG_6329_opt

Join us Wellfleet Bay to mingle with other Seanetters!

All of our Cape Cod volunteers and friends are invited to join us for a SEANET presentation at the Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary at 2pm on Saturday, December 5th. The Sanctuary has extended a generous invitation to SEANET, asking us to present not only on the program itself, but also to give an update on the recent Common Eider die-offs on the Cape.

This will be a great opportunity for Seanetters new and veteran to meet the SEANET staff and each other, and for potential volunteers to learn more about the program. Of course, any members of the public are welcome to attend just to hear about the eiders or about SEANET, without any obligation to join up. So spread the word!


On an unrelated note, thanks to Jenette Kerr and Doug Suitor for submitting guesses on the last dead bird quiz; both correctly identified Bird A, and Doug was actually 3 for 3! I apologize that the comments did not come through in time to be included with the latest post!




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