Dead Bird Quiz

5 11 2009


It’s about time for a dead bird quiz. Even though no one guessed on the last one, your SEANET blogger is undaunted. OK, maybe a little daunted. So please, please, take a guess! Anyone? Anyone? I promise I won’t ridicule you if you’re wrong! At least, not publicly.


Bird A: Found in June by Ruthellen Piepert in Florida. As nice a dead bird as one could hope for.


Bird B: Found by Jim and Judy Parmelee on Cape Cod, September 30th.


Bird C: Found by Phil Sorenson in Florida, August 6th




2 responses

7 11 2009
Doug Suitor

Bird A – Laughing Gull. Lack of prominent white spots in wing tips eliminate Franklin’s. Bird B – Another Laughing Gull about the same size. Bird C – Looks like a 2 year gull with the black and gray in the back but gray upper wings. Another Laughing Gull. Not in the ideal SEANET dead bird picture pose will be my excuse if I miss it.

8 11 2009
Jenette Kerr

Well, I had Laughing Gull for the first bird but was stumped on the other two. I like Doug’s answers because it suggests this was a sneaky quiz and that seems very likely.

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