The Ocean Layer–explore Google Earth!

3 11 2009

logoYour SEANET blogger was educated last week about a new project through Google Earth. (If you don’t already have the program, it’s available as a free download here.) Of course, it’s immense fun to zoom in on your own house, or your friend’s house, or your enemies’ houses, but once you’ve exhausted those pursuits, and you want more from Google Earth, here’s something cool to explore. The ocean may look like a big, blue, blankness at first, on Google Earth. Roadless and immense, it might seem not altogether worth looking at. But look closer and you’ll see much to interest you.

Upon opening Google Earth, you will see a menu bar on the left side of the screen. The section of that menu entitled “Layers” includes an item called Ocean. If you check the box next to Ocean, you will notice that a number of blue and white circles, resembling sideways yin-yangs, appear on your Google Earth image. If you click on these, a myriad of ocean-related photos, slideshows, and videos will pop up to educate and entertain you.


"The Deepness" icons around Cape Cod. Each one is clickable for a video, photo or slideshow of marine related content.





SEANET is now equipped to add content to the Ocean layer in Google Earth. We welcome your suggestions and photos for inclusion. We will, for example, use this feature to provide information on the Common Eider die-offs on Cape Cod, or other mortality events detected by Seanetters. So check back on the Ocean layer periodically and see if we’ve added anything close to your area, or anywhere up and down the eastern seaboard. SEANET thinks this is an exciting opportunity and hope that you Seanetters will find it interesting and educational. Check it out!




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