SEANET needs Mainers!

29 10 2009
Seanet Flyer 1

We're blanketing Maine with these flyers!

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation has awarded SEANET a grant to study seabird mortality in Maine. The data collected by walkers on the Maine coast will be used to establish a baseline against which future mortalities due to oil spills can be accurately measured. To accomplish this, SEANET needs to expand to many, many more beaches in Maine. For this study, we ask volunteers to commit to walking once a month for a full year.

Northern Harrier over a SEANET beach; you too could see such sights. Join us!

Northern Harrier over a SEANET beach; you too could see such sights. Join us!

After that point, all are welcome to stick with us and our larger project, or head off for greener pastures with our heartfelt thanks. So if you, or anyone you know, live in Maine and would be willing to participate, or even just to distribute our flyers to libraries, nature centers and the like, please let us know! We’re looking forward to hearing from you!




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30 10 2009
Carol Way

I would be interested in walking a beach to check for dead or injured birds. I would want to do it in my area. I live on Westport Island. We only have a few small beaches here, but we do have lots of waters’ edges. I’m also not too far from Reid St Park or Popham Beach.

25 02 2010
Featured Beach: ME_58 « SEANET Blog

[…] Beach: ME_58 25 02 2010 Thanks to a grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, SEANET has been increasing its presence in Maine. […]

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