Putting the fun in fundraising!

21 10 2009
SEANET fund-drive: could you say no to this face?

SEANET fund-drive: could you say no to this face?

SEANET is taking a page out of Public Broadcasting’s playbook and holding a fund-drive this week. While no one likes it when interesting content is replaced by pleas for cash on public radio or public television, it must be done, and so it is here on the SEANET blog. SEANET receives no funding from Tufts University (though they generously keep a roof over our heads), and no standing support from the federal or state governments. We rely entirely on grant funding and on donations from people like you! Of course, times are tough for everyone, and we know no one finds it easy to part with his pennies these days. But if you have anything to spare, and you feel SEANET is a worthy program you’d like to see continue, please consider donating! Any amount counts on a shoestring budget, and SEANET most definitely is! You can donate via Tufts’ secure giving site (click on the “Donate” tab above) or you can send a check made out to “Trustees of Tufts College” to:


Barbour Building


200 Westboro Rd.

N. Grafton, MA 01536

We’ve set the absurd goal of $5,000 raised by Friday evening. Lofty and ambitious? Yes! SEANET is bold! So give early and give often!

And, if you’re desperate for some seabird content, please head over to The Gulls of Appledore for the latest banded gull re-sighting!




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