Urgent! Monofilament recyclers wanted!

18 09 2009



Hello Seanetters and friends of SEANET generally. Some time ago, SEANET contacted the BoatUS Foundation’s “Reel In and Recycle” Program. The program provides free monofilament recycling bins to organizations and individuals who can commit to maintaining them and collecting the line for shipment. Since SEANET has volunteers walking beaches on a regular basis, and many of those beaches are heavily fished, we thought this would be an excellent partnership. Many of you report monofilament on your beaches, and these bins will encourage anglers to dispose of the line properly, keeping it from entangling seabirds and other marine organisms. Rather than just throwing it away, this is a way for all that line to have new life!

Boat US has just made 400 new bins available and SEANET is at the top of the list to receive them! If your beach is a popular fishing spot and you are interested in having a bin, you must be willing to commit to collecting the line and shipping it to Berkley Conservation (at no cost to you for shipping). The demand for the bins is high, so if you’d like one, please email your blogger (sarah.courchesne@tufts.edu) or respond in a comment to this post and we will submit our order. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!




3 responses

21 09 2009
Dennis Minsky

Since my beach is within the Cape Cod National Seashore, I would have to get permission to go ahead with this: perhaps Seanet could contact CCNS?

27 09 2009
John Fisk

Our private beach on Harbor Island, SC is 2 1/2 mile long. We already have a couple containers from SC DNR but could use more. This is a very worth while activity. What do they look like?

1 03 2011

[…] in September of 2009, SEANET began offering recycling bins for monofilament fishing line through the Boat US […]

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