Featured Beach: CT_10

10 09 2009
Hugh Sokolski in action on CT_10

Hugh Sokolski in action on CT_10

Established as a SEANET beach back in 2004, CT_10 is the eastern Connecticut beat of Hugh Sokolski. His beach is on the eastern side of the mouth of the Thames River. Hugh walks an unusually long stretch of beach; while most Seanetters traverse about a mile on each walk, Hugh hikes around 1 and 3/4 miles. CT_10 is a diverse blend of substrates, comprised variously of sand, boulder, and concrete slab with lesser amounts of bedrock and mud.

View of CT_10: a culvert near Hugh's start point.

View of CT_10: note the fancy boats.

Popular with beachgoers, CT_10 undergoes raking in the summer months to keep it nice and tidy for bathers (much to the chagrin of SEANET, which much prefers a beach strewn with debris of every sort.)

Hugh reports live gulls on his beach year-round, and geese and ducks during the winter months. Mergansers in particular turn up during their migration. In terms of dead birds, CT_10 is not particularly productive, and SEANET is now very familiar with Hugh’s typical, terse note on his reports: “No beached birds were found.” Despite this dearth of deaths, Hugh’s consistent, reliable coverage of his beach for years now makes it among the most valuable of SEANET beaches. Thanks to Hugh for his dedication and hard work on behalf of SEANET. Walk on, Hugh!

The view from the far end of CT_10

The view from the far end of CT_10




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17 09 2009
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