Dennis Minsky’s 100th bird!

7 09 2009


Dennis' 100th bird: a Northern Gannet in serious disrepair.

Dennis' 100th bird: a Northern Gannet in serious disrepair.

This Labor Day, it is fitting that we honor the hard work and dedication of Dennis Minsky. Some of you Seanetters may have noted the stats on the SEANET database dashboard showing Dennis at the top of the rolls for dead birds found. And on August 25th, Dennis hit his 100th bird: a mangled, skeletal Northern Gannet strewn about in the beach vegetation. 

SEANET would also like to recognize Dennis for labeling all the carcasses he finds with orange cable ties; already it has become clear that many birds washing up on Dennis’ Provincetown beach are loitering there for some days or weeks. This is invaluable data, and without a semi-permanent marking system like the cable ties, we would most certainly be re-counting these persistent specimens. So thanks and congrats to Dennis!

Lest you Seanetters with less gruesome beaches feel left out, the Seanet blogger will also feature other milestones based on number of walks or miles traveled, so do not succumb to self-pity if you seem not to find many dead birds. Remember, it’s consistent, year-round beach coverage we’re after, so keep at it Seanetters!




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15 09 2009
Dennis Minsky

Dear Seanet: Thank you for your generous recognition. For your Seanetters with low volume beaches, I would point out that I have not found a new specimen on my last two walks, just resightings. And that’s OK.

Also, re the Corey’s Shearwater, I have not found one on the beach, but from the whale watch boat this summer (on which I work) Corey’s was the predominant species of shearwater seen, for the first time in my 15 years on the water.

Good luck to my fellow Seanetters. Dennis Minsky

30 03 2010
Ray Bosse’s 100th bird! « SEANET Blog

[…] of us in the dust. Now that Ray has found his 100th bird, he joins a rarefied group indeed. Only Dennis Minsky has found more […]

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