Seanet blogger shirks responsibility

19 08 2009

The SEANET blogger has just returned from a whirlwind trip to Cape Cod, including a day’s worth of frolicking on First Encounter beach in Eastham, better known to Seanetters as WB_04, patrolled by Mary and Steve Gulrich. I didn’t note any serious looking dead bird seekers during my visit, so I guess the Gulriches and I were not destined to cross paths this time. But SEANET does hope to get down to the Cape sometime soon to visit all our excellent volunteers out there. Perhaps in the Fall when all those hateful tourists have skipped town at last.

The pale carcasses of human tourists litter First Encounter Beach (WB_04) on Cape Cod.

The pale carcasses of human tourists litter First Encounter Beach (WB_04) on Cape Cod.

As if a Cape vacation were not enough, the shiftless SEANET blogger will now depart for a week and a half’s worth of vacationing in Maine. Thus, there will be no blog post next week. 

But the good news is, after next week, the SEANET blogger will have exhausted all her maternity leave and vacation time, and will again lower her nose to the blogging grindstone to keep you all informed of the latest news regarding seabirds, SEANET and the coastal environment generally. See you all then, and until then, walk on Seanetters!



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27 08 2009
Dennis Minsky

The Seanetters at WB_39 (namely me) would welcome a visit from our esteemed blogger whenever it should occur. Also a note- upon completing my input of my last survey I noticed that I had tallied my 100th bird. Yeah!

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