Featured Beach: NJ_99

12 06 2009

NJ_99Whale Beach in Strathmere NJ, known to savvy Seanetters as NJ_99, is faithfully patrolled by Frank Kenny. Frank has recruited wife Bobbie, a sister, a nephew and occasionally a daughter to the SEANET efforts, needing only to bribe them with a post-survey luncheon. The sandy beach, about 25 miles north of Cape May, is like many northeastern beaches: desolate in winter, and host to numerous bathers in summer. The beach is also favored by surf casters after striper, bluefish and drumfish in spring and fall in particular. The striped bass pictured with Frank here was more fortunate than most; the fish was tagged by the American Littoral Society and released after its photo op. Frank’s deep commitment to the preservation of marine ecosystems has been clear to us at SEANET, and we are grateful that he devotes some of his time (and that of his family) to our program.

Frank with a striped bass in Brigantine, NJ

Frank with a striped bass in Brigantine, NJ

A lifelong resident of south Jersey, Frank’s ties to the beach date back well beyond his involvement in SEANET. Frank has been surfing the waters off southern New Jersey since the mid-60s and has seen some changes in his time there. The very profile of the beach has been altered–the entire southern tip of the beach was sheared off in a 1962 Nor’easter. Frank also recalls seeing sewer outfall pipes from coastal homes discharging directly into the ocean back in the days before we became (relatively) enlightened about such things.

Sanderlings cavort at the water's edge on NJ_99

Sanderlings cavort at the water's edge on NJ_99

Thanks for your continued commitment Frank, and for the window you provide us to the coastal environment in southern New Jersey. Keep up the fine work!




3 responses

12 06 2009
Jenette Kerr

I really enjoyed this profile !! I think most Americans don’t realize what beautiful and vibrant coastal areas New Jersey has.

14 06 2009
Katelyn K.

Unlike many beach goers Frank recognizes the importance and beauty of the the delicate ecosystem of NJ 99. By being a dedicated environmental activist and participating in things such as SEANET he is truly an inspiration to others.

16 06 2009
Scott Burger

Go Frank!

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