Featured Beach: FL_11

29 04 2009
Martin Vanoy's beach, FL_11

Martin Vanoy's beach, FL_11

SEANET is starting a new feature; we will periodically choose a beach and volunteer to highlight here on the blog. We hope that this will increase the sense of community among our Seanetters and give you all some insight into the massive variability between beaches from Florida up to Maine.

Today’s featured beach, FL_11, is a bit of a bittersweet case.  Martin Vanoy has been volunteering for SEANET and walking Spessard Holland Beach in Brevard County, FL for over two years. He has been remarkably consistent, never skipping a month in all that time.

Additionally, Martin has contributed numerous gorgeous photos of the live birds on his beach. We have featured a number of his images in our recent SEANET newsletters.

Martin is very soon to move away from FL_11 and far from the coast altogether to inland Georgia. Martin will be sorely missed, and we want to thank him for his dedication and great work for SEANET over the past couple of years. Good luck, Martin, and we hope you find plenty of stuff to keep you busy in Georgia!

One of Martin's stunning photos

One of Martin's stunning photos of the gulls and terns frequenting his beach




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