Give to SEANET!

22 04 2009

2618850346_fc2d38f7caWe here at SEANET know that economic times are tough. As a volunteer citizen science project, we know what it means to rely on the kindness of strangers to run our program. We are grateful to all our volunteers for their hours spent walking beaches, photographing carcasses, and recording data. Now, we are coming to you all with an additional request. In the current economic climate, the private foundations and government grants to which we usually turn for operational support are slackening or disappearing completely. As SEANET receives no standing support for salaries or volunteer training and supplies, we are turning increasingly to private donors to offset some of our costs.

If you are able to give to SEANET in any amount, take a look at the new “Donate” tab here at the blog. It’s convenient and secure since you can give via credit card at the Tufts University website. We hope you will consider donating, and encourage friends with an interest in coastal and marine conservation to do the same.

We thank you for your support!




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