SEANET Training at Lloyd Center

17 04 2009
View from the Lloyd Center's Observation Deck
View from the Lloyd Center’s Observation Deck

Dr. Julie Ellis headed south yesterday to hold a reunion of sorts. Eight of our long-term volunteers and their Local Coordinator, Jamie Bogart, met at the Lloyd Center for the Environment on Buzzard’s Bay in Massachsetts for a retraining in SEANET protocols. Some of these volunteers have been participating in SEANET almost since its inception, and we are immensely grateful for their dedication and commitment. Despite their long-standing involvement, all these volunteers were ready to modify their data collection techniques according to our new protocols in order to increase the scientific value of our program.

While we at SEANET are not surprised by the unflagging enthusiasm of our Lloyd Center volunteers, we do want to thank them for being the cornerstone of what is an ever expanding project. Hard to believe that a program that began on a few Buzzard’s Bay beaches now stretches as far as Florida.

Thanks to all the volunteers who attended last night. You’re the best!





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