SEANET in North Carolina

24 03 2009
Hammocks Beach State Park: not a bad place for a business meeting.

Hammocks Beach State Park: not a bad place for a business meeting.

On March 12, SEANET’s Dr. Julie Ellis attended the North Carolina Waterbird Managment Committee Meeting at Hammocks State Park, NC. The program included presentations on topics ranging from shorebirds nesting at the Marine Corps’ Camp Lejeune to the impacts of raccoons in barrier island ecology to genetic diversity research in seabirds. Julie’s presentation on SEANET garnered a great deal of interest, and some leads on potential collaborators in the state.

Julie also had the chance to spend some time with Sue Cameron of the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission. When Julie wasn’t too busy wolfing down the wild teal served by Sue’s hunter/chef husband, she had some great conversations with Sue who has previously been involved with SEANET’s investigations into Greater Shearwater die-offs up and down the east coast.

While our potential expansion into the Carolinas has been undertaken cautiously to this point, with a mind toward SEANET’s limited funding and personnel, we recognize that the region is a rich ecosystem critical to many seabird species, and we are encouraged by the interest and enthusiasm for our project among our Carolinian brethren. Thanks to all those who are interested in getting involved, and welcome!




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